Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports data encryption and provides protection against viruses.

Encryption of data at rest

Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports the following encryption technologies:

  • NetApp Volume Encryption (starting with Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.5)

  • AWS Key Management Service

  • Azure Storage Service Encryption

You can use NetApp Volume Encryption with native AWS and Azure encryption, which encrypt data at the hypervisor level.

NetApp Volume Encryption

NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) is a software-based technology for encrypting data at rest one volume at a time. Data, Snapshot copies, and metadata are encrypted. Access to the data is given by a unique XTS-AES-256 key, one per volume.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports NetApp Volume Encryption with an external key management server. An Onboard Key Manager is not supported. You can find the supported key managers in the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool under the Key Managers solution.

You can enable NetApp Volume Encryption on a new or existing volume by using the CLI or System Manager. Cloud Manager does not support NetApp Volume Encryption. For instructions, see Encrypting volumes with NetApp Volume Encryption.

AWS Key Management Service

When you launch a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in AWS, you can enable data encryption using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Cloud Manager requests data keys using a customer master key (CMK).

If you want to use this encryption option, then you must ensure that the AWS KMS is set up appropriately. For details, see Setting up the AWS KMS.

Azure Storage Service Encryption

Azure Storage Service Encryption for data at rest is enabled by default for Cloud Volumes ONTAP data in Azure. No setup is required.

Customer-managed keys are not supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

ONTAP virus scanning

You can use integrated antivirus functionality on ONTAP systems to protect data from being compromised by viruses or other malicious code.

ONTAP virus scanning, called Vscan, combines best-in-class third-party antivirus software with ONTAP features that give you the flexibility you need to control which files get scanned and when.

For information about the vendors, software, and versions supported by Vscan, see the NetApp Interoperability Matrix.

For information about how to configure and manage the antivirus functionality on ONTAP systems, see the ONTAP 9 Antivirus Configuration Guide.