What’s new in Cloud Sync Edit on GitHub

NetApp periodically updates Cloud Sync to bring you new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

April 2018

Cloud Sync now supports NetApp Cloud Volumes as an NFS or CIFS server in a sync relationship.

March 2018

You can now define whether Cloud Sync retains files in the target location even if they were deleted from the source location. This option is available in the sync settings for each relationship.

Screenshot that shows the Sync Settings dialog box which enables you to modify settings that define how files are synced and maintained in the target location.

February 2018

  • EFS to S3 and S3 to EFS sync relationships are now supported.

  • Bugs were fixed.

January 2018

  • You can now abort an in-progress sync.

    This does not break the sync relationship. Cloud Sync syncs data at the next scheduled time.

  • You can now view and select objects from S3 buckets that belong to other AWS accounts if they are shared with your account.

  • You can now use Cloud Sync with S3 buckets that are protected with AWS KMS encryption.

  • A few bugs were fixed. Most notably, you no longer have to enter AWS credentials when using the on-premises data broker.

December 2017

  • Cloud Sync now supports installing the data broker in Microsoft Azure, which enables you to sync data in and out of Azure.

  • A few bugs were fixed.

November 2017

  • Cloud Sync is now integrated with NetApp Cloud Central, which enables centralized user authentication.

  • EFS to NFS and NFS to EFS sync relationships are now supported.

  • CIFS to CIFS sync relationships are now supported.

  • A few bugs were fixed.

October 2017

  • NFS to NFS sync relationships are now supported.

  • You can now specify whether files modified prior to the scheduled sync should be excluded.

    For example, you can exclude files modified 30 seconds before the scheduled sync. This setting helps avoid copying partial changes to files that frequently change.

  • Cloud Sync now displays the number of failed transfers.

  • A few bugs were fixed.